Dasani Eco-Packaging

*Academic Project

People enjoy the convenience of bottled water, but the plastic containers flood our landfills and are now an environmental disaster. The objective for this project was to partner with Dasani as they take the lead in reducing the impact of plastic in our environment by developing a new, innovative, and environmentally friendly paper water bottle made from 100% recycled paper. The concept behind the new eco-friendly bottle was to stay true to the Dasani brand while provoking the senses with the exhilarating fresh taste of purified water that has hints of natural flavors. Splashing water and mouth-watering fruit images add visual context and meaning to the unique shape of the container. The innovative shape of the bottle derives from the flowing curvature of the “S” in the Dasani, and provides ergonomic ease while drinking.

Sole Kaffe Coffee Roasters

*Academic Project

Sole Kaffe is a global specialty coffee roaster where the spirit behind the brand is built on bringing people together from all over the world to share one common connection – coffee. People are what transform the coffee experience. To reflect the brand’s sole culture aesthetic, several characteristics are implemented into the overall design scheme. The logo is stylized in rustic letterforms with flowing flourishes to represent the artistry involved in producing a great cup of coffee. Each package front features a curved swooshed window encasing a warm and inviting photo image of a person from the country where the beans are grown. A vibrantly rich-colored texture is utilized on the front and back panels, and native earth-toned colors are drawn from the texture to set each coffee flavor apart. Additional face images are featured on the backside to promote and invite the sociability connection of sharing a cup of coffee. The result is an exciting representation of coffee as sole culture – uniting us with every cup.