Sole Kaffe Logo

*Academic Project

Sole Kaffe is a global specialty coffee roaster where the spirit behind the brand is built on bringing people together from all over the world to share one common connection – coffee. People are what transform the coffee experience. The new logo for Sole Kaffe Coffee Roasters are stylized rustic letterforms with flowing flourishes to represent the artistry involved in producing a great cup of coffee.

+31 Architects Logo

*Academic Project

The logo mark for +31 Architects is a 3-dimensional structural perspective of the numbers +31 from the company name. The middle section of the number 3 extendes backwards to form a plus sign and to form a connection with the number 1. The color blue was chosen for their corporate color, as it represents stability and clarity, which are critical aspects to the long-term success of a building.

ModCow Artisian Ice Cream

*Academic Project

The look and feel needed to be expressed in the ModCow Artisian Ice Cream logo is to be playful, clean, and stylishly modern way coupled with a nod to the owner’s love of Jersey milk cows. A simple cow shape is designed to incorporate a black and white pattern that represents the circular motion of churning ice cream as well as the spots on a Jersey cow. The graphic pattern gives the logo mark a modern style. The bright blue color is cool and refreshing, reminiscent of a hint of ice.

Retina Specialists Northwest Branding

*Freelance Project

Retina Specialists Northwest, PLC is a new startup ophthalmic subspecialty practice established in 2012. The practice is dedicated to delivering compassionate excellence in retinal and inflammatory eye disease always. The identity concept finds its inspiration in the words, trust, establishment, and authority. The logo was designed with a classical font treatment and coupled with a modern and scientific approach commuicated in the eye icon. This concept supports the vision and purpose of RSN by emphasizing experience, expertise, and competent retina treatment. Marketing collateral and transit advertising were also created to further the brand and generate new business.